• Image of DMG ReString!!
  • Image of DMG ReString!!
  • Image of DMG ReString!!

DMG has been stringing up pockets for people for over 14 years, Every pocket comes out to your desired specs. Included in the price is White DMG MESH, although you may send your own! Read below for instructions. All Restrings I supply the sidewall and shooters.

For $15.00, I will custom string your head to your desired specs. If you want my mesh (WHITE) is included. If you would like another kind of DMG, add that to your cart along w/ this restring service.

2) Return time is 2nd day usually, unless you choose a custom piece of DMG which makes it 3/4. But its fast!

***If your planning on buying DMG MESH just to string yourself please make that in a separate order. *****

***Below you will find my address, if you have questions feel free to email me first!!***

The Custom Stringing Service I provide not only is a great value aside from including all the materials, is that it comes with White SoliD DMG MESH ($11 Value) In Comparison to other companies, who might charge for the mesh, materials, and labor all separate, I bundle it right together to make it that easier! Why spend 40$ and up for Retail Store, Overpriced charges???? No way with me.

As far as the Custom Stringing goes, I am sure you have seen the vast number of heads I have done over the course of YouTube and Instagram, as well as Facebook Posts, everything to the last detail is up to you!

Like I said before, the service does come with my mesh, however if you want to send me your own mesh and materials thats cool too. My main concern is getting you the perfect pocket, so the better in depth you let me know how you want it, i.e. colored triangle top's, nylons, shooter placement, whip, hold, pocket placement, etc, it becomes better for you.

Instructions are very easy on head stringings, just ship it out to me however you want, when its received I give you then a confirmation email, and from there I put it all together and ship it right on back, so make sure your return address is legible! The return shipping will come USPS Priority 1-3 days with tracking and 50$ free insurance through USPS so you are secure. Enough Talking, Lets get you a sweet looking head!

Important Notes to Remember:
1) Write your return address on the box LEGIBLE so I can read it!
2) Please un-string your previous head,
3) Inside the box place a note with the specifications on the stringing.
4) If its muddy or dirty, remove it and then ship it, ball burns are ok.

Please address all shipments to:

Nick Yanakakis
40 Ridge Ave