DMG Mesh is a premium wax-infused mesh offering the best of both world's as far as durability, shape retention, diamond size, and infinite color combinations.  Through the years people have sworn by DMG from Instagram and YouTube Reviews.

I currently offer it in (2) "bases of mesh", Type 3 and Stringers Shack.  Type 3 has become very popular choice due to the fact it looks like regular soft but has a unique property that allows it to be more weather prone & pop when requested in a color.  Both are top choices!

Regardless of your selection, you will end up with a product that far exceeds the performance and playability of anything on the market.  Priced 35% lower than the competition, it makes DMG an affordable option for those on a budget or may have a bunch of sticks to string up.  Free String Kits available per request! 

For great reference material check out my other website for more photos, general info, and such!  Http://Dmg189.Wix.Com/DMGMESH