• Image of DMG ReString!!

DMG has been stringing up pockets for people for over 16 years, using the best materials & exceptional quality using the best performance meshes on the market!

Every pocket is truly custom. Designed for your specs! There are (2) ways to go

1) You supply the materials. You’d send me your head along with everything needed w/ your choice of how you want the pocket to look, feel, throw, etc. You’ll get all this with a 2-Day turn around for a real competitive price of 26$ That’s 20$ for the labor and 6$ to mail it back......👍🏽

2) I supply the materials. For this you can choose ECD Hero 2.0, or String King 4X/S. Ive got many different color sidewall string options, and shooters. On this your basically paying for the mesh. If you want Otter, STX Memory, or any other mesh contact me & I’ll reprice it as some cost more/less. $42 is my flat rate. This includes return shipping!✅

If you see anything cool on my Instagram or someone else’s it can be replicated. Crazy top strings, sidewall patterns, etc. I’ve got game ready patterns for every popular head on the market! I also do Lyle Thompson replica pockets so inquire on those, huge seller!!! And you get his REAL POCKET no gimmicks. I’ve also got player pockets for a lot of MLL / NLL players so if you like there setup let me know. I do it all! 🤟🏼🤟🏼

***Below you will find my address, if you have questions feel free to email me first*** Overpriced charges???? No way with me.

As far as the Custom Stringing goes, I am sure you have seen the vast number of heads I have done over the course of YouTube and Instagram, as well as Facebook Posts, everything to the last detail is up to you!

Instructions are very easy on head stringings, just ship it out to me however you want, when its received I give you then a confirmation email, and from there I put it all together and ship it right on back, so make sure your return address is legible! The return shipping will come USPS Priority 1-3 days with tracking and 50$ free insurance through USPS so you are secure. Enough Talking, Lets get you a sweet looking head!

Important Notes to Remember:
1) Write your return address on the box LEGIBLE so I can read it!
2) Please un-string your previous head,
3) Inside the box place a note with the specifications on the stringing.
4) If its muddy or dirty, remove it and then ship it, ball burns are ok.

Please address all shipments to:

Nick Yanakakis
6 Garafalo Drive
Salisbury MASS 01952