• Image of DMG Camo-Wamo

This is my newest product to the DMG Family & for anyone who likes camo mesh but not as intricate as the ZIG CAMO this could be your thing!

Difference between the ZIG-CAMO:

Its not intricate, only one sided, the patterns are more all over the place, basically a version of camo that says, "Gone Nuts" Look's great strung up!

Due to the fact that different dyes are used to make this opposed to the ZIG Camo, the following colors listed are the ones that "Really Pop"

Neon Green, Black, Grey, Carolina, Red, Orange, Yellow, Royal, Vegas, Neon Yellow, Purple, and Kelly Green. Darker Colors on one piece like: Black and Navy together are a bit hard to see from afar for example.

Gives a cool sandblasted look! A must buy! I will list the following color combos in the options that I have tested to look the best.....If you want to make your own, you may pick up to 3 colors, but the more you select, you need to account that white is still there! If you like it wild, distressed, and want something different I suggest you grab one of these, all made to order, and string kits are only $3 Extra!