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They used to be free yes, but cost of string ended up getting a bit expensive, as well as about 80% of players I sell to already have string, giving it out for free sometimes didn't make sense. So for just $3.00 per kit, you can choose from some cool options. Your only paying for the shooters (3) in each kit, and the sidewall is no-cost. I have (4) great kit options to offer that meets everyones needs. I Don't Stock Colored Shooters at the moment! If you buy a kit, & You dont plan on using all 3 shooters, or all the sidewall, please let me know, and I can adjust your kit! Its on the Honor System!

These Kits can ONLY BE PURCHASED W/ MESH ONLY! Not for just regular sale, as I am giving a great price and you will see there is no shipping.

I offer (3) Kinds of String Kits all for the Same $$$ (Huge Savings!!)
All White Kit, Single Color Sidewall Kit (White Shooters),
Custom Themed Kit (White Shooters, & Pick your own KIT!!

White & Single Color Sidewall Stringing Kits include:
(3) "White Shooting Laces"
(1) "White/Single Color Sidewall Segment (Enough to do a custom pocket)

Custom Themed Sidewall Stringing Kits Include:
(3) "White Shooting Laces"
(6) "Cut Sidewall Strings (3 Colors) (To make Custom-Color Mesh POP!)
i.e. "Syracuse Theme" (Would get 2 Navy, 2 Orange, and 2 White)
i.e. "USA Theme" (Would get 2 Navy, 2 Red, and 2 White)
i.e. "Iroquois Theme" (Would get 2 Black, 2 Purple, and 2 Yellow)

Pick Your OWN (Please Put the Sidewall Color's in the Checkout Notes!)
(3) "White Shooting Laces"
(6) "Cut Sidewall Strings (You pick the Color's, up to Six total)

(So, for just $3.00 you are actually getting a huge savings, just consider what other companies charge for custom kits.....upwards of 6-9$. Just Remember that, They can not be purchased without mesh in the order, and If you want a kit for every piece you are ordering make sure you add the correct amount to the cart, if I see (1) I ship one, If I see (6) I ship 6!
Enjoy and Email me if you have any questions! -DMG LACROSSE-)